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USASF/IASF Coaching Credentialing 

USASF/IASF is the leading authority on all star cheerleading. The USASF testing system was introduced to ensure coaches have a clear understanding of the skills they are coaching, and that these skills are taught with correct progression.
Coaches Credentialing organizes coaching competency in three core subjects.
These being Tumbling, Stunts and Tosses.
A separate certification can be undertaken in each area.


Each assessment involves three areas,

  1. A written test

  2. Hands on practical assessment

  3. From level 3 and above there is also an experience of coaching requirement.

Through Credentialing coaches are made aware of expectations as teachers and role models. It is the goal of the USASF to infuse good decisions into each and every credentialed coach so that they may expand the positive life experience of all star cheerleading and dance into the lives of the youth they encourage. USASF is recognized as the baseline of education for each individual coach and also expect these standards to be met.

Tumbling Assessment can be taken in levels 1 - 5
Stunt Assessment can be taken in levels 1 - 5
Tosses Assessment can be taken in level 2 - 5

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